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Dig Your Way Out

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Dig Your Way Out, Anything goes to win! Dig your way Out is a board game set in a prison where you have to escape before the others. Craft tools with salvage items, buy them with cigarettes, or extort those from other players. To escape, you will have to make your hole. If you don't want to dig with spoons, you will need tools. Tools you can craft with whatever you have on hand, buy with cigarettes, or, if you're armed enough, extort money from other players! Like tools, weapons must be improvised, made or bought with cigarettes. Bluff and memory are necessary because it will be necessary to pay attention to the cards which are in the hand of each player. Who has the tools to dig? Who has blades to fight? To help you out, you can also join a gang, or call on skills and connections from your past life. As you move around the prison, you can perform various actions to build your own strategy.

Language: FR
New: 2021
Number of players: 2 to 4
Age: 16 and over
Duration: 45 minutes
Publisher: MJ Games
Category: GAMES