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Egocentric World

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Egocentric World, a fast card game combining bluff and strategy In a dystopian world where global crises follow one another, nations are vestiges of the past. Now, mega-cities in constant competition must be careful not to collapse under the weight of their own egocentricity ... Egocentric World is a fast-paced card game where players compete for the less selfish city. Bluff and strategy are at the rendezvous in this game yet accessible to the greatest number! Each player controls a city represented by their hand of cards. Each card has an Egocentrism value, and sometimes a special ability. The goal of each player is to end the game with the lowest Self-Centricity total. Cards with strong Egocentrism, however, offer advantages during the game. A game may consist of one round or several.

Language: EN
Language: FR
New: 2021
Number of players: 1 to 6
Age: 7 years and over
Duration: 15 minutes
Publisher: MJ Games
Category: GAMES