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Funny and fascinating role-playing game. The village of Thiercelieux is infiltrated by the Werewolves (designated in secret by the maps). Every night they kill a villager (who is eliminated from the game). During the day the villagers get together and try to notice, among the players, the signs that would betray the werewolves. After discussion, they vote for the execution of a suspect (a player is therefore eliminated and we then know if he was a Werewolf or not). A playmaker animates the game and sets the mood. Some villagers play specific roles. The Best of version was created for the fifteenth anniversary of the Werewolves, it allows more players to play (up to 28 players) and the cards are more solid, suitable for intensive use. 

Contents: 28 cardboard cards in the shape of shuriken including 19 different roles, the captain's medal, rulebook.


Numbers of players 8 - 24
age range From 10 to 120 years old
Game duration 30 mins
Author Philippe des Pallières