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2nd Edition Explosion Potion

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The hour has come. Your final year at the Horribilorum Academy of Witchcraft for Witches and Spiritual Wizards is almost over, and it's time to take your final exams! The rules haven't changed a bit: take Ingredients from the Laboratory Dispenser to finish your Potions. Remember, the explosions you're sure to set off can come in handy! The use of Potions concocted during this exam is permitted and strongly recommended! Use them wisely to polish your work, and you will prove that you are worthy of becoming full-fledged witches and wizards. The exam will end when you have collected enough Skill tokens. But remember, to win the Apprentice of the Year Award, you'll need to brew the most complex and valuable potions! The second edition is an improved version: the bead dispenser is now more solid made of plastic.

Language: EN
Language: FR
Number of players: 2 to 4
Age: 8 years and over
Duration: 45 minutes
Publisher: Horrible Guild
Category: GAMES