Sea of clouds

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On each turn of the game, the players share the three parts of the loot that are in front of them. After looking at the first part, you can decide to take all of the cards that make it up or move on to the next part. You will be able to find rum, recruit pirates, collect relics and other precious objects. Dial your hand wisely and prepare for battle, because when ships fly close together, you'll need to board to use your pirates' effects. Earn doubloons, loot the treasures of your opponents and amass the most victory points to be the winner of this battle. Strengths: -A card game with an innovative system combining draft and stop-or-more -Many tactical choices and great interaction between players -A colorful universe of celestial piracy brought to life by the talented Miguel Coimbra

Language: FR
Number of players: 2 to 4
Age: 10 years and over
Duration: 40 minutes
Publisher: IELLO
Category: GAMES